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Commercial Rental Conditions & Registration

Unless otherwise agreed, we provide our search service on a no-cure – no-pay basis.

If the rental space is fixed, rental prices in our commercial portfolio are listed according to the rental price per month, excluding service costs and tax. Rental prices may also be listed per square meter per year.

Unless otherwise specified rental prices do not include gas/electricity/water, media services or service charges for building amenities – these are commonly listed as service costs. Service costs may depend on actual usage, and can therefore come out lower or higher on an annual basis.

Please check our commercial property portfolio for fully searchable listings of office and shop space.

You may also use our free registration form to provide us with your exact property requirements. We will contact you in order to confirm your search requirements and evaluate the suitablilty of available properties.

Commission: Unless otherwise agreed, on arranging the rental of commercial property for a client, Amsterdam Beautiful charges 10% commission over the first year’s rent and 3% over the acquisition of movable goods related to a property, excluding BTW or value added tax.

The commission amount will be calculated in advance to the signing of the agreement. If the initial payment has not been received on the date of commencement of a rental agreement, keys cannot be given to the occupant. The amount in the initial invoice will remain due to be paid.

Commission payments are subject to 21% BTW (Value Added Tax).

Conditions: Clients must be in possession of an EEG passport or valid Dutch residence permit, and/or represent a company registered with the local Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel) number. Clients must have a valid Belastingdienst (tax office) identification number.

Price negotiations or tenancy annulations occurring after the agreement will not affect the agent’s commission.

Amsterdam Beautiful cannot be held liable for non-performance or part performance before, during or after the leasing term; this is a matter between renter and the landlord.