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Amsterdam is a beautiful city and has much to offer to expats and professionals looking for temporary housing. But it can be difficult and time consuming to find an apartment that meets your demands on a short notice.

Amsterdam Beautiful has an extensive network in the Amsterdam housing market and spends a great deal of time and effort finding attractive homes that are in good condition, have a favorable location and are fully equipped.

With your search input we can find you a rental home that fully meets your demands. We search for and mediate in houses with a monthly rent starting from 1700 euro.

Besides being beautiful, Amsterdam is small and there is plenty of demand. We regret we cannot help with student housing or with two or more individuals to find a home to share.

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Rental conditions of our own portfolio

If you’re looking for a nicely renovated and tasteful apartment in the popular area’s in Amsterdam? Then you’ll definitely find something to your liking in our portfolio. We maintain an up-to-date portfolio with modern and well equipped homes in and around the city centre, and also in new modern neighbourhoods.

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And? Did you fall in love with one of our homes?

Congratulations! For houses from our own portfolio, we charge no extra charges. Just inform us which home you want to make your own, and we will send you an overview of the rental conditions.

Rental conditions with a search

Because we are experienced in the Amsterdam housing market, we quickly know which available properties meet your living requirements. We take care of the initial selection, so you are sure that you will only visit homes that really suit you. Some call it a search assignment. We’d like to call it a search, identify & pre-select service.

And did we find a match with an apartment for you?

Since homes we find for you via our network via a search do not come from our own portfolio, we charge a commission, namely a commission equal to the rental price excluding sales tax. It may be good to know: we work on a no cure, no pay basis.

Before, during and after the rental period we’ll help you with closing the agreement, applying for permits and mediation with the owner. But we’ll also advise you on your choice of which energy provider or cable network you need. At the end we will be available for you for the check-out.

In short:

We’re there for you during the rental period, to make your stay in Amsterdam as hassel-free as possible.

We accept rental search requests from €1700,- onwards.

Our terms and conditions at a glance

Rental Price

The mentioned rents in our portfolio are per month and (if not otherwise stated) excluding gas / electricity, water, TV, internet and local taxes.

Rental agreement

If an owner and a tenant wish to have an additional / subsequent rental agreement drawn up or amended by Amsterdam Beautiful Property Rental, Amsterdam Beautiful Property Rental will charge an administration fee.


We are paid by one party to the leasing agreement only. Meaning; if you rent a property from out of our portfolio there are no costs involved for you. If a contract has to be adjusted during a leasing period, this is seen as an amendment, and can sometimes involve admin costs.


Staying longer than you initially thought? That’s no problem. In the event of extension(s) of a short-term / corporate stay agreement (shorter than 12 months), we calculate a commission fee based on the above percentages of the corresponding rent. This fee will be calculated for extending the rental period to a maximum of 12 months.


For a rental period of at least 4 months you pay a deposit. This is equal to 2 months’ rent. You pay this deposit directly to Amsterdam Beautiful, together with the first rent payment. We ensure that the amount is transferred to the homeowner for return to the account of your choice after the successful check-out at the end of the leasing agreement.

Key transfer

With the key transfer, Amsterdam Beautiful inspects the home together with the tenant. We also record the meter readings. We call this a check-in. At the end of the rental period, a final inspection takes place, the check-out. When everything is in order during the check-out, then we liaise with the homeowner in the refund of the deposit.

First payment

The first payment consists of the deposit and the initial rent on the agreed rental period to Amsterdam Beautiful Property Rental. If we have not received the first payment on the agreed day (as recorded in the rental agreement), we cannot hand over the keys to you. You as a renter must then still ensure that the amount of the original invoice is paid as quickly as possible.


If there is a change in your personal situation regarding your income, family situation or work situation, you must inform us of this in writing.

Terms and Conditions

  • We do not rent to tenants under the age of 21.
  • We do not mediate for students.
  • Tenants must be in possession of a valid proof of identity, visa or residence permit. This must be shown at the request of our rental brokers.
  • Price negotiations or cancellations by the tenant after the lease have no influence on the commission to be paid.
  • Most rental periods are temporary and the homeowner / lessor has the possibility to use the apartment for his own use within the agreed time.
  • If we want to conclude a lease, we always need a copy of a valid proof of identity. This can of course be made at our office. Furthermore, we need these additional documents from the tenant:
  • If the tenant rents as a private person
    • Employment contract, ‘werkgeversverklaring’ or pay slip of the employer
  • If the company or the employer rents for the tenant
    • A (recent) copy of the registration at the Chamber of Commerce
    • Valid proof of identity of the individual with power of attorney to sign contracts for the company
    • Accountant or bank statement indicating that the company or employer is creditworthy for the duration of the rental period
    • In case of employer: a statement from the HR department or management which states that the company will pay the rent
  • The tenant works as a self-employed person
    • Audit certificates
    • A recent extract from the registration of the Chamber of Commerce
    • A copy of the balance sheet or annual accounts for the last 12 months, preferably longer

We will of course treat these documents with utmost confidentiality.


Amsterdam Property Rental cannot be held responsible for matters and obligations concerning the tenant before, during or after the rental period. Negligence is a matter between tenant and homeowner (lessor).

The description of the apartments has been carefully put together, but inaccuracies can occur. No rights can be derived from the description or presentation. No guarantees are given. Amsterdam Beautiful reserves the right to make changes to text or price at any time.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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Terms and conditions