Property management

Although Amsterdam Beautiful will always strive to provide a good experience as a mediator for rental parties, it may be important for various reasons to opt for property management.

Your property is an important component of your capital. We realise that this part of your capital needs care and attention. Expert attention, allowing you to enjoy your return in the long-term. We therefore offer to take the care of the financial and technical management at operational level out of your hands.

Even as a private individual, you will notice that when you live abroad you will need property management. Many relocation agencies whom we regularly work with make the requirement that an property manager be assigned in case of rental from abroad.

You do not need to impose family or friends with management responsibilities and you are sure that your home is managed in the most professional way possible.

Another important reason is for Dutch tax purposes. The moment you have several real-estate objects in your possession and you do not conduct active work for these, interesting tax benefits can materialise when you let your property be managed by a professional property manager.

Besides this, you enjoy your returns from your investments without having to look concern yourself with the nitty-gritty of day-today property issues. We suggest contacting your tax advisor about the benefits of property management.

What does property management cost?

We offer differ tariffs for incidental and structural housing management.

Structurally, for financial and technical management 6%, excluding 21% VAT, of the rental income per month will be charged.

For incidental housing management we ask € .60, – excl. VAT per hour. Before we initiate and charge incidental property management, this will be announced in advance. Tax benefits are not applicable for incidental property management.

Would you like to receive more information about our property management services, please contact us.

What sort of property management are offered?

Incidental management

The manager takes care of the inspection of your property when rental mutations occur. In this way they solve, of course after consulting with you, possible technical faults and coordinate any maintenance orders. To this end, we cooperate as much as possible with regular and reliable maintenance engineers and companies.


Financial and technical management

This is the most common form of property management. As a property owner you are no longer concerned with any type of management, and you can provide proof of this to the Netherlands tax authorities (Belastingdienst).

This includes:

  • Invoicing and collection of rent and any user charges (such as utilities);
  • Debtors monitoring (reminders and handing over to bailiff after 2 months of rent arrears);
  • Annual rent adjustments;
  • Settlement of service costs and user charges;

When the rent is terminated, the property will be inspected by Amsterdam Beautiful and the dedicated property manager.

A careful check will then take place in which is determined whether the house has been left in good condition on the basis of the inspection report drawn up at the time of check-in (delivery) of the house.

If the property has not been left behind in accordance with the state of this report, then the property manager will ensure that the property is delivered in good condition at the expense of the renter. The home is then ready again and can be occupied by a new tenant. Of course, Amsterdam Beautiful will in the meantime do its utmost to find a new tenant for you again .

Property status-check

The property manager schedules all of its management contracts by the end date and contacts the tenant prematurely; this in order to be there as early as possible and to determine the moment at which the property is released for letting. In this way the chances of vacancy are reduced and we have plenty of time to find another suitable tenant for you.