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The realtors of Amsterdam Beautiful will gladly look for suitable tenants for pied-à-terres, apartments and villas in Amsterdam, Amstelveen and Ouderkerk aan de Amstel. Our clients are highly educated expats and other professionals who are interested in temporary housing.

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Do you want to rent out your business space? In this we also mediate. You can read more information here and register your business space.

Professional mediation for temporary letting in Amsterdam

If your home in Amsterdam is not or not fully occupied, it is wise to look at the possibilities of renting it out. But that is – certainly in the Dutch capital – not easy. The complicated regulations regarding temporary letting ensure that many homeowners do not know what their options are. In addition, the rights and obligations of tenants and owners are constantly subject to change. Besides: how do you know if the people you want to rent out your home are reliable?

In short: it pays to – if you want to rent your house temporarily – hire a professional party. Amsterdam Beautiful has more than 15 years of experience in renting out houses to expats in Amsterdam and surroundings, and we are happy to help you with this. From searching for suitable tenants to drafting contracts and mediating between you and the tenants.

Apart from expats, we also mediate on behalf of companies that approach us directly for the accommodation of employees.

How does temporary renting work?

View, discuss and advertise

If you have registered your property via the form, we will make an appointment without obligation with you in advance. We visit you to view the property and we’ll discuss the conditions. We’ll are also already discuss the height of the possible rent, we give tips to make the rental successful and we take pictures to share through our channels. If you have question, feel free to ask during this appointment.

On agreement, we list your property, with photos and an attractive description, on our website. We also advertise your home on major rental websites and distribute the advertisement through our real-estate network and collegial brokers in Amsterdam. We may also place a for rent sign on the offered property, so that your home is also clearly visible offline

Are you obliged to only rent the property via us? Amsterdam Beautiful does not demand exclusivity (please note: for some rental websites such as Pararius and Funda this does apply) and we work on a no cure, no pay basis. This means that our services are free of obligation if no agreement is concluded through us.

Mediation, agreement, deposit, transfer

As soon as the house is advertised, we like to be able to make arrangements with potential renters to come by for visits – often in the following week or two.

We assume that you as an owner ensure that the apartment looks neat and tidy. If there is still work to be done in the house, it is useful if you tell us this before we plan any viewings.

And is the house still rented out? Do not forget to inform the resident(s) when we wish to make a viewing with potential lessees. That way we both ensure that your apartment is rented quickly and successfully.

If a candidate is seriously interested and agrees with the rental conditions, we ensure that the data of this person are properly checked. That way you as an owner know that you get a reliable tenant.

Are you both in agreement? Then we draw up a rental agreement in Dutch and, if desired, in English. With the first month of rent, the tenant pays a deposit via us to the owner, usually of twice the rent. Good to know: when companies rent the house for one of their employees, they sometimes prefer making the security deposit via a bank guarantee. Especially banks are used to working this way.

On the day of the transfer we arrange a check-in, where we inspect the home and draw up an inspection report. During this check-in we record the meter readings, which the lessee and the lessor can then pass on to the energy and water suppliers. In case this is desired we can also arrange energy and water accounts for the renters. The landlord in some cases provides an inventory list, but we often also try to photograph most of the inventory. When everything is in order, the supreme moment follows: the tenant is handed the keys and can proceed to settle in the apartment!

After the rental period: check-out, deposit return

A check-out takes place at the end of the rental agreement. With the aid of the inspection report prepared earlier, we check the inventory and conditions of the home. If damage has occurred, you can charge this as the owner to the tenant. This is often settled with the deposit.

Cost of mediation for rental: commission

Amsterdam Beautiful wants to make it as attractive as possible to rent and rent out in Amsterdam, which is why we offer our tenants and owners excellent conditions.

  • No cure, no pay
    We generally work on a ‘no cure, no pay’ basis. This means that we do not charge you for viewing and photographing your home. The registration of your property [link to rental form] is therefore always free of obligation. Only when a rental agreement is concluded do you pay a rental fee.
  • Commission on successful mediation
    Our commission is competitive. Amsterdam Beautiful Property Rental charges a rental fee of 1 month rent for homeowners for the first year of occupation by the same tenant. For periods of between 6-12 months we ask 8% of the number of months the house is rented out. These amounts do not include 21% VAT.Different rates apply for short-term rentals (less than 6 months). View the  Amsterdam Corporate Stay for more information.

Conditions for renting out in Amsterdam

  • Amsterdam Beautiful Property Rental does not mediate in subletting homes without written permission from the owner.
  • We only mediate in homes and apartments that look well-maintained and well-looked after. It is also important for our tenants that temporary (co-) registration and registration with the Municipality of Amsterdam is possible.
  • Homeowners can best draw up an inventory list of the portable goods they want to offer for renting the apartment. During the transfer, our realtors will also take photos of the house and its inventory.
  • Amsterdam Beautiful Property Rental is not liable for the loss incurred by the lessor due to any act or failure to act of the counterparty in respect of the leasing agreement concluded or to be concluded with the help of the Amsterdam Beautiful’s brokerage activities.
  • Amsterdam Beautiful cannot not be held liable for any loss of the Lessor, including consequential loss, trading loss, loss of profits and/or loss due to business interruption due to any act or failure to act of the Amsterdam Beautiful, his staff or persons hired by them.

Tips on rental


It is advisable to be able to substantiate the value of the contents by means of an appraisal report or purchase receipts, if the contents are not more than 5 years old. The depreciation period must then be determined. This is usually 5 years, unless this is inventory designed to last longer, such as a laminate floor or washer and dryer. For this a depreciation period of 10 years can be employed. The value of the household effects must then be divided by 5 years to arrive at the value of the contents per year and then again by 12 months to arrive at the value of the contents per month. This value of the contents per month is the amount that may be charged monthly to the tenant.


Inform your neighbours about the temporary letting of your apartment, so that nobody will be surprised. If there is a household regulation present, request it from the VVE and prepare it with a user statement (we can provide) for signing in addition to the agreement.


Make a clear overview of all facilities in and around the apartment and collect the instructions for use of appliances such as television, oven, dishwasher and washing machine in a folder. You’ll help your tenant enormously with this, and this also helps if they want to look up the instructions for use in their own language.


Make sure that a working washing machine, and preferably also a tumble dryer, are present in the apartment. Do you employ a cleaner? We will advise the tenant to use this as well, so that the house will be maintained better.


“Could you please provide the Internet WiFi password?” This is usually the first question people ask, so keep this information at hand.


Do not forget to have your mail forwarded to a new mailing address via a forwarding service.

Note: are you going on a long journey?

In that case, bear in mind that if you travel longer than 8 months, you are legally obliged to de-register with the Municipality of Amsterdam. This also applies if you expect to stay abroad for at least 8 months within a period of 12 months.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us.

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Download the general rental conditions in PDF

>> Amsterdam Property Rental General Rental Conditions PDF

Business information Amsterdam Beautiful Property Rental

Amsterdam Beautiful Property Rental is registered at the chamber of commerce (KvK) in Amsterdam under number 34211047 en features a mediation permit of the Housing Department Amsterdam for the city of Amsterdam and surroundings under number HW 90768.

As a permit holder, Amsterdam Beautiful rent and rental agents are fully authorized to advise the housing providers in Amsterdam as mediators and to assist house hunters in finding the right home. Our permit is obtained after approval by the Mayor and Aldermen of Amsterdam.