Property management

As a real estate agent, Amsterdam Beautiful's approach is to unburden clients and to provide a hassle-free rental experience.

Your real estate is an important component of your overall assets. Home rental requires the attention of the real estate owner at certain times. It is then certainly important to opt for (pro-)active home management.

Our experience shows that this part of your assets requires expert attention, so that you can enjoy your return better in the long term.

In the case of a rental assignment with an interim management agreement, we take the management between rental periods off your hands at an operational level and ensure that preventive maintenance takes place where possible.

As a private individual you will also notice that when you live abroad you will need housing management. Many relocation agencies that we regularly work with require that a manager be assigned in case of rental from abroad.

You do not have to saddle your family or friends with management and you can be sure that your home is managed in the most professional manner possible. Amsterdam Beautiful has been a rental agent for a large number of clients for going on two decades.

Think of oiling parquet floors, painting walls, repairing exterior window frames, re-sealing bathrooms and kitchens and addressing overdue maintenance in general.

Another important reason is the tax aspect. The moment you own several objects and you do not actively involve yourself in their management, tax benefits accrue when you have your real estate managed by a professional property manager.

In addition, you enjoy your return of investment without having to overly worry about it. From a tax point of view, we recommend that you discuss the rental of multiple real estate objects with an expert/tax adviser or a so-called ‘belastingadviseur’.

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